I am a prospective boerboel owner who has owned American bulldogs for many years.  Online profiles of AB say they live 12-16 years and having owned many AB's I know that it is more likely to be around 10-11 years.  Regarding Boerboels, many websites say between 10-12 years but I wonder if this is in fact accurate.  Many online profiles say that boerboels are a very healthy breed due to it's natural selection origins, which I believe many would disagree with. Thoughts?

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You and I Jamie are on the same quest. I am still searching for that elusive first puppy after one year

I can guarantee the discussion board here will answer most of your questions and everyone will be most helpful
Thanks Geoff. Good luck to you in your quest for the perfect pup. It appears that my 2 year search may be coming to an end soon.
Thanks for your reply Jenny. i've actually read online many profiles which state that boerboels are a very healthy breed with few health problems due to it's natural selection type of origin. These profiles state that the average life expectancy is 10-12 years. I suspected that these profiles were inaccurate and expected the type of response I received by you. I just got an amazing boerboel puppy and 8 years is just too short a life expectancy but you never know. I am not a breeder but I ask, is it difficult to breed longevity into a breed? Thanks again for your informed reply.
since our breed is in fact a mastiff breed i finde it kvite amazing that i know boerboels who are or made it to; 9, 10,10,11+two weeks less than 12 years ,sofar... my own male is going 8 next time i think to remember,... so that is a god statistic for a large breed! around here grate danes make it for about 6,5 yeaqrs, english mastiff over age 8 dont exist, have meet 1 single napotitan who got 10... but normaly they die around 6-8 years of age...
general dog-live statistics you dont want to look at... dogs die for all sort of weird reasons, peoples moving, separating,having more kids,loose interess, have bad bad bad vetenerians ,and so on.... not many of these things have much to do with the dogs as such,more with peoples wrong feelings around "having dogs "in general...
i have friends who are passioned mastiff breeders, when looking at the issous they strugle with in these dogs, i feel very prevelegde to have and breed a dog as our boerboel!!
The reason there is no consistency in reported ages is because our breed is a recent mixture of many parent breeds. Certain strains (lines) have more of one parent breed than others. You will find some really sleek and 'hound-y' Boerboels and then you'll find really heavy 'mastiff-y' types..then there are other 'bulldog-y' versions and so on and so forth. Since the 'type' has not been standardized, neither have the genetics...which means that you have dogs that are living up to 14 years and then those that only have a 5-6 year life span.
Averages are misleading in this case. You can not discern any valuable meaning from average data points collected from such a heterogenous population.

The best guess that you can make is by looking at the immediate relatives of your pup...that will give you the best idea in predicting life expectancy.
Jen, that sounds like a rhetorical question. You and I both know that the data that matters is not cataloged by any of these associations.

Perhaps well meaning breeders can take the initiative and start by disclosing as much information about their dogs as possible and then keep it archived multiple generations down the line so that customers can retrieve it as fit. Hopefully the associations will catch on then. Or one of us can create a website that interrogates and houses this data in a fashion similar to Boerboel Pedigree website. Better late than never.
Thinking more about it...it should not be all that difficult for a given association to address the supposed lack of info on BB life spans.

They already know the date of birth of each dog they register, they can easily add a clause to the registration papers requesting dog owners to report the demise (date of death) of a given dog (and the reasons for it). That information can then be reflected on the registration papers of past dogs.
Good suggestions Ali. Should be fairly easy to track. There is certainly a preoccupation with hip scores, which although very important, equally important are longevity and propensities for certain diseases such as cancer. For many years I've been into American Bulldogs. My first AB died of cancer at 1.5 years of age and I've always wondered whether it was random or whether there was a family history of cancer. Tracking longevity and causes of death could only better the breed by tracking tendencies within certain lines.
dear friends.... this alredy exists! as i just have register a litter in the boerboel international registry(by the way, that is for FREE ...!!!) i saw there that date of death is a part that does exist... so just join BBI there it all is possible, and if anyone wants to make such database of fx cancer or other difficulties inside the breed...just adress the board and make the sugestion, if anybody wants a thing like that boerboel international will do it !
why expect any else than all you ever say will be used against you .... that is the way the game is, if you beleve that info for all about everything relating the breed is importent you must take the risk of starting... i did so on our local mess board, when i had somme blown ligaments in my dogs, i can promisse you these in fact very fiew cases where blown up in proprtions and finaly made me look both stupid and completly unserious in the readers minde... i didnt care that much since im not in this buisness for other than ideologi and interess... but if i had depended on keeping a solid picture of my kennel to be able to sell the "dream"of the buyers, who apparently stil are beeing told that the boerboel is a miracle breed without any faults at all.... well i would have found my self in a pretty bad standing!
you must make up your minde ,are you interessed in progress and betherness of the boerboel, or do you want to make shure you can sell puppys...:-)




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