A question on everybody’s mind is.. Does the black Boerboel even exist?

What is your point of view regarding the black boerboel? 

After we discussed this we will talk about what the next step is to have it recognized if at all. 


We have talked about the Black Boerboel before and here is the link to it. ( I have blocked that discussion in order to have it all in one place) 


The content of this discussion has been added here. 

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Personally I do not believe there is such a thing. Never in my 32 years of seeing boerboels have I ever seen one but all of a sudden they are popping out all over the show.  I was told that there is a very small chance of one being born to every 4000. About genetics I do not know much I can only go on what I, my father and his father (and family) and so on saw growing up on the farms where the breed originated from!  Yes there were black dogs used when the farmers started the breed but they bred away from the black.

To sum it up..  I will not buy a "Black Boerboel"!

just before i read other members post here i already want to say very agree with you Karen.

no one can ever convince me about them and i believe there most be eighter ,Rotti,Neo,or labrador in there.Sorry.and must be very recent.


Lee i heard different story from Lukas at Mizpah.and he said he like only the ultra brindle as he called it,not the full black.But yes now some big breeder try to push this color as they bring money.Lol...

It is just so strange that we never saw this black dogs for decades and now suddenly they all over the place.You can have that in only 1 way.

Tina, I also initially supsected that the black Boerboels had Rottweilers or Neapolitan mastiffs in their near pedigree, but BigdogPete (Peter Gautieri) had his black male tested for his ancestry and or genetic proximity to existing purebreeds (heredity test) and there were no rottweiler and or neapolitan mastiff influences that were visible in any statistical significance. The primary contributors to his black male were bullmastiff and the bulldog. Peter will be able to provide more information on his test results.

I would encourage others with black boerboels that have lingering concerns about the color to have their dog tested so that this issue can be put to rest. 


Keep in mind, the black color came in from some breed at some point.. question is how recent is this. 

here is the blog that talks about Peter's DNA testing:



Thanks Ali.this is very interesting.I never heard of black color genes in the Bullm.but i did saw some not so good type of bulldog with black pie color.
You are right Ali, Peter Gautieri, dog (Black Boerboel) DNA, shows that there is Mastiff, Bulldog and Bullmastiff and dogs they cannot tell, maybe this dogs they cannot tell is the percentage of Boerboel. 
I agree with you here. To be honest I dont buy any of these new " rare colours" that are popping up. I too would never buy a black boerboel! Neapolitan xBoerboel could be lethal.

Any time people focus on the cosmetic such as a 'rare colour' the overall quality of the dogs suffer because people breed for colour instead of functionality, i.e. health and temperament.    I'd therefore like the registries to keep the standard at yellow/red/brown + good pigmentation and leave it at that. 




That's true, Norman.  My view is that in theory colour shouldn't matter at all just as in principle there's nothing wrong with conformation showing. 

However, history shows us that, given the opportunity, humans run mad over 'rare' colours and exaggerated type  and we end up with dogs whose only purpose is to be looked at, sold for high prices to spend their lives in kennels producing more of the same.....

BTW I'm not saying that everybody who engages in conformation showing is wrong or bad, some of my best friends etc. but I think it's hard to deny the adverse impact it's had on dog breeding as a whole.

Again, JMO,



Hi All this is paper on the Black Boerboel, which now I see on many sites. Written by Lukas Van Vurren, but I have seen many versions of this.

                  The Black Boerboel

By Lukas van Vuuren.


Known breeders of black boerboels - The black color was always part of the Boerboel breed. My father told me that at about 1929 the black color was common in the Ottosdal area where he grew up. A few old people recalled the same about the black Boerboels. Mr Lukas van der Merwe from Mispah also recalls that the black color was the most popular of all the Boerboel colors in the area he grew up in. Before the Boerboels were registered as a dog breed, there were well known breeders of black Boerboels of which I only know of a few. The black Boerboels of Mr Teuns Keyter of Vaalwater was well known for their ability to work with cattle. Other well known breeders of black Boerboels was Mr Stefaans Erasmus of Hermansdal, Ellisras, and Mr Jan Harm (John) van der Merwe from Nooitgedacht, Kroonstad.

Fear of black dogs - This popularity of the black dog in those years could in part be ascribed to good breeders concentrating on black dogs and therefore the progeny of his dogs would dominate in that area. What is very important though is that the local indigenous population had a very deep rooted fear of black dogs because of ancestral beliefs. To this day the black guard dog is very important to the remote farmers that are prone to farm attacks. In areas in South Africa where farms are under constant surveillance by bands of would be attackers, black dogs is not a luxury, but a life saving necessity.

Black colour popular for guard dogs - Throughout the world the black color is the most popular color for a guard dog. The obvious benefit of the fact that you cannot see the black dog at night makes it the logical color for a guard dog. Breeds like the German shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc, illustrate this point.

Documentary evidence - The fact that there was an abundance of black Boerboels around, is amply documented. A few photos that I have seen, confirm this. Many of us that grew up with Boerboels, knew the pre-1983 black dogs first hand. In the SABT “Boerboel News Letter” of November 1997, on page 2, there is an article on black Boerboels. The article states: “from the Southern Free State up to the far Northern Transvaal, black Boerboels ... were a common sight.” (Translated) The article states further that in 1983 (at the founding of the SABT) the black Boerboel was not included because of the fear that the then popular Rottweiler would have been used to cross-breed with the black Boerboel.

Motivation for excluding black from the original SABT breed standard - When the SABT had to formulate a Breed Standard in 1983 the black dog was omitted due to the aforementioned fear of the infusion of genes belonging to other breeds. One of the people involved in this process put it this way: "The black dog was not included because of personal preferences." It was probable that both these factors played a role in this highly unfortunate decision. Whatever the reasons, the consequence was that for the past 23 years, the Boerboel had to go without the black color that was a natural part of the Boerboel inheritance.

Old breeders of the black boerboel - Fortunately there were some breeders of the black Boerboel that was adamant to keep on breeding the black Boerboels. Naturally they lost popularity since their dogs could not compete with the registered dogs that were seen as “pure.” Most of the breeders of the Black dogs were older people and as they stopped farming and went into retirement so did the breeding of the black Boerboels. The young breeders only wanted registered dogs. This process has now gone so far that we stand to lose yet more of those breeders. In this respect I have to mention the name of Bokkie Muller from Marquard. He and people like him, kept on breeding the black dogs despite the fact that they could not register there black Boerboels and thereby preserve the precious black genes.

Dilution genes in hair colour - In actual fact, it seems as if all our dogs are black as far as the hair color genes are concerned. The brindle, brown, fawn and white dogs just have “dilution genes” that result in the colors we know. As far as I know there has been no publication pinpointing the color inheritance of the Boerboel, and therefore I go by the Mastiff information. 

Getting ahead of my self, Cindy I don't know there you come from but I come from a family of hunters and Dog Breeders, one breed in which you happended to mention. Black Labs, well every lab we ever breed, which were working bogs also had black skin, so what ever labs you are refering to have been bred away from it's true natural color. Also Beagles we breed them too all had balck or dark skin even with white and brown spots. I know you don't beleive me so lets dig deeper.

Now for those of you who still doubt the existance of The Black BB  gene and skin color let's go to Chemistry class 101. CARBON the basis of all life, What is carbon?  Well carbon is a black element that actually can not be destroyed, it changes from solids to liquids to gases, It is all around us, we need it to live, it is in all of us. Now Carbon like all elements expresses itself in ranges. Shown through, guess what skin color. Now that we understand that, Lets go Black in time, Carbon elements in everything changes, from times long ago. It was present in the boiling Earth, which cooled and spaund life, if that is what you beleive aka Big Bang theory. Now for millions of years all life; man, stone & earth, plant life and even animals which all contain carbon. Well these levels have changed do to natural selection, natural love and living and dying of all Matter. Now Black to the future, Carbon is expressed thru Living things as color, the more carbon the more color, till you reach blackness, on the flip side the less carbon the less pigmentation or Color, this is true in all things, Plants show their carbon in the form of lysogenic properties or green, red or balck color and shades, Animals show there carbon in pigmentation, the darker the skin the more Carbonaceous nature to Cytosine. Lack or lesser amounts of Carbonaceous nature means lighter pigmentation.  What this means is in laymans terms is thats, the lack of carbon equals the inability to produce color. All color comes from some degree of Carbon which equals life which also equals Color. Is that enough for you. I hope so. If not let me know, we can chat futher. Peace Lee   



I think your last paragraph was intended to be humerous but you mention natural selection, which sparked a thought.  Anybody know why natural selection has produced predominantly brown/tan mammals?  

I do not contend the black color in the Boerboel or Lukas' article. In my opinion, a color is a color and an indication of diversity (aplenty in this breed) which should be tolerated. 


However, I am sorry Lee but your last paragraph makes no sense at all. Not only is it devoid of scientific rationale and relevance, it is misleading. 





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