Thought I would just inform those who haven't heard yet....


This is the news that I received from Europe on the 6th June…


"The Boerboel found its place amongst 13 other breeds that were banned last week in Denmark.


The Danish parliament voted on this issue last week and won with one vote resulting in the fact that these breeds are banned as from 1st  July. This implies that, after this date, it will be illegal to buy a Boerboel or any Boerboel cross/mix as a pet or stud dog. All dogs born prior to 1 July 2010 may stay with their present owner/s for the rest of the animal’s life.


The government gave grant to all registered breeders that they can still breed for the next 5 years as NOT to have to compensate them, BUT still no dogs may be sold in Denmark.


At this moment it is not known yet what the impact will be on Norway and Sweden.




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i can trye to update you on the subject
actualy i have not heard about that female you refair to.... but the thing with this law is ,that no dogs from the list can be rehomed ever...if one commes in a situation where one is not able to keep the dog it must be killed.
the dogs who have been born and sold,in the time form first time the law was presentet (march17) up to july 1 (to days ago, these dogs are to be put down, this meens if you had got a puppy from me lets say on april 2, this dog would now be about 5 month and you would have to kill it just because..

this law seems to hit about 400,000 dogs in denmark, as it says that the owner of a suspicious looking dog has to document its origin, and has to prove that no forbidden breeds are in it... how all owners of mixbreeds should be able to do that noone says.... all dogs you get from a shelter are sold without profe or papers even they may be purebreeds.... if one looks at the list of dogs ,ecpecialy looking at the difrent type of buildt and type...noone can feel safe, there are dogs on that list who look like a mix of fx. leonberger or pyrenee with maybe somme sort of labrador or other normal shorthair breed, every bullmastif baught from a shelter or fx "boxwejlers" they look kind of simular to both fila or boerboel... basicly every dog without a fci registration is fucked....

somme of us wonder if that actualy was the whole point of it all..... since the ones who have made up thie form of this law are deeply involved in the fci :-(
The world show was held in Denmark this year, attendance was poor, simply because entering Denmark with a dog causes too many problems.

If I remember correctly Denmark was also one of the first countries to ban docking and cropping.

The UK had similar problems with the Pit Bull ban. People owning Staffordshire Bull Terriers ended up in Court trying to prove their Staffordshire Bull Terriers were not mixed Pit Bulls. Often dogs ended up for years in RSPCA kennels while the case progressed.

Scotland has changed course and now it's "the deed, not the breed" that identifies a dangerous dog. A far more sensible piece of legislation.

Could you all not form a resistance group and introduce sensible arguments to the government with a view to repeal the law ?
well that would rekvire somme sort of group feeling wouldnt it... when we first meet this list ,not all of us where that suprised that the breed was on it. we have had years after years with shitty temperaments up here, usualy centered around the same group of dogs, sabt has tryed to force improvement true many years, but no such changes where made... so i guess this is in a way not so weird that we are in this situation.

it is kind of funny to se that breeds like cane corso, pressas or napolitan mastiffs do not apear on this list...why is that one may ask, i guess these breeds have not had the same exposure and marketing as the boerboel has here, these dogs have not been sold under wrong or not fullfilling discriptions.... the breed has been sold to mainly family peoples who may have taught that this is somme kind of new labrador,just bigger and the same time the temperament has gonne ways that is more of the fila spirit, if you sell a normal person a fila and you tell her or him that it is just a sort of st bernard , this person will end up having kvite somme dificulties....
This is just dreadful, I had thought the ban was to include the cessation of breeding, and compulsory spay/neuter, but euthanising dogs to fulfil a ban is heartbreaking. I think a resistance group is a good idea, to try to revoke such a law, lets face it, it isn't just our breed that would get involved. I am amazed that the veterinary association have not had an imput in this law. To pts healthy animals is against their principles.

It is for the reason of such horrifying laws that I believe that breed recognition from the national organisation is a must. Like them or loathe them it may soon become the only way of endeavouring the safety for the future of the breed. These organisations are the first place the governments look to.
i dont think so.... lots of fci breeds are illegal fila,dogo and somme others have been so in norway for years!
if i read the about 160 pages of raport ,the same report that did form this law, the single place where the boerboel is to find mentioned is on the list of forbidden dogs ,not one single place else in this whole thing the breed is statistic nothing.... how and why it is on gets not explaned or aruged for anywhere.
what did hit me when looking true these dogs on that list is the fact that only about 3 of them are fci breeds and these view are not exactly wellpresentet, fx the fila brasil has not been breed in denmark for about 3-5 years there may be only a little handfull left of them a live, same with dogo... they did not even make it to start up a fci klub for that breed, i think it must be around 10 years since i have seen any dogo ads the last time... ,wether the am.bull realy is a recognised fci breed and if so ,how many are actualy registred in fci...i dont know but i could emagine that it is not many.

going in som resistens movement is not my thing, i move to sveden instead, denmark is a realy stupid country on many levels, not only dogrelatet... we have beeen selfemployed for about 18 years ,what we have meet during those years we could write books about.... most of danish industry has moved theyr productions to eastern countryes because the coverment has made it practicly impossible to run anything here, most big firms are based in other countryes and run under other laws because of the same issious, we pay the highes taxes in the world ,we have the crappiest education system in the world, if you get ill you may end up dying while on the waytinglist for a hospital, bla bla bla... and it is true, things are that way over here.... denmark does promote it selv to be this teknologikal advansed "know how" land... truth is that our goverment has donne so much damage to the puplic scool that youngsters who comme out of 9.klass they read and write like those of 5.klass in simular places... and so on in many areas....
Absolutely right Gijs and a very apt attachment
Hi Gijshbert,

I agree fully with this post of you, there is much more dangerous people in this world than dogs. Just in SA alone peolple get murdred on a daily base. Is seems that nobody cares, but as soon as a dog bite someone they get banned. I wish that all the murderers around the world could also get banned from mother earth.
HAHAHA Gijs. LOL you always make me laugh!

Yes I think we should look at the owners!!!!!
The following pic is not very nice And I am sorry if this is upsetting you but I do feel we need to wake up and start doing something about this!!! The next pic will be off Boerboels! I have so many friends in the Pitbull world and this is just to horrible for words!!!
Omg, that just made me cry, its just too awful, how can this possibly be justifyable?
is it for real...? it is funny to se how the whole world talkes about our situation here.... our own media is totaly kviet about this issiou, nothing in the news no animal protection organisations are anywhere in the debate.... what about wwf or simulars...why isnt the danish goverment kritisised all over the planet for this??????
our own problem as owners here is that we all trye to hide and hope this will blow over.... but aparently there are about 400,000 dog owners who are in the same situation, but i dont think many have realyzed it jet....

This is a very upsetting picture indeed, thanks to this dogs owners, how can they sleep at night!! maybe this poor dogs and the many more to come is all better off in doggy's haven than at their owners.



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