I recently spoke to a renowned boerboel breeder in the Freestate for pricing on an up and coming litter he expected in a few days time.To my surprise he gave me a ridiculous amount ranging between R7500 - R10 000 depending on the quality of the pups individually mind you that this pricing was for local buyers.I know most breeders in SA normally charge between R3500 - R4500 for local buyers.Sorry ladies and gents for the figures.

My 2 questions to all breeders :

What do you base your puppy pricing on?

In your opinion How much is a puppy really worth?



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 HAHAHA OK now mine will be R10 000.99 ;-)  (just joking)

Bjorn this is indeed a very good question.  


Let me say this for my to older BB's I paid Zeus R1000 (KUSA) and Chantha R600 This was 13+ years back.

Now for the other 4 in total ( that is including Adonis that passed away)  I paid R15 500. Not that I am complaining becuese I will pay that money all over again!!! ;-)

Excellent question and one that has been on my mind recently too... and is as relevant for international buyers as local buyers such as yourself.


I am in the US and have seen the price climb from $1000 (R7000) up to $2000 (R15000)... add on the shipping costs and you have a big total! I was in touch with a breeder in the UK last year who asked for $5000 for his pup!! Sky is the limit...you are right, no wonder there is an outbreak of backyard breeders !

And don't forget the puppy farmers!

If you do a query on the online classifieds for Boerboel puppies in the US, you will see prices from $800 USD to $2,200 USD.  Only 1 breeder has them listed for under $1,000 USD -- most are in the $1,200 - $1,700 USD range.




It has been my experience (through research), that most of the breeders who resort to "selling" puppies through the use of online classifieds are backyard breeders.  Good breeders in the US usually have a waiting list through word of mouth and happy customers.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that of the two breeders (yes, only 2 total) that I would most highly recommend here in the US have never posted on one of these puppy classified ads.  

I would say in the US from the SABT breeders I know it is generally in the $1200-$2000 depending on puppy contract breeding vs non breeding.  Now a days I have seen everywhere from $500 to $5000 depending on the breeder.  I always felt that if the price was a little higher that hopefully it helps screen some undesirable owners.  I would think if you paid that amount for a dog you would be invested in its care.  Not always the case but hopefully more times than not. 

Those prices do not include shipping.


Keeping the price of puppies high will not necessarily prevent the potential backyard breeders from obtaining one (take a look at French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs at any online classifieds here in the UK)

For example, if the trend for a Boerboel pup is around £2000, some people might not see this as a deterrent to buy the puppy but see it as a good investment opportunity. They can buy a female at £2000 and when she comes into season they can mate her and when the pups come (8-10 pups), that's an easy £16,000-£20,000 in your pocket.

I think setting the price high can work both ways so breeders just have to be very careful who their pups go to.

I have seen a pup priced at £5000. Is this worth it? What if the parents are from a health tested stock and have been worked and proven? What if the bitch was artificially inseminated - bringing in a new gene pool to your country? Does this justify the price?
scrotes? hahaha!  I was thinking more along the lines of people wanting dogs for fighting, etc.  they can get other dogs much cheaper than a bb.  Also I try to make them jump thru as many hoops as possible to help weed out the "scrotes"! money is just one part of the equation.

Steve there are already crosses here popping up, even mature Boerboel crosses are being used for breeding with Neo's and other mastiff crosses.


I understand where you're coming from and if I was a breeder I would probably set the price on the higher end than the lower to weed out the hyenas (and by this I mean people who want dogs for status, multiplying the breed $$, security dog - locked up for life in garden/warehouse etc).


There's always a risk when buying a pup, especially of a large breed as there are so many things that can go wrong before it reaches maturity. But by buying from a tested parent, I feel personally, would really help in increasing the chance of it working/winning when it reaches adulthood as it's in the genes. No guarantee though!


The higher price would probably be better suited to an old pup or a mature dog because at least this way you have an idea of what you're buying.

Hi Steve,

I don't know what the answer is but I can tell you that we're currently trying to find a home for a Boerboel who was sold as a pup for £2000 to a dog fighter.  He was rescued after the neighbours videod the low life beating the dogs including the puppy.

"billy the crack dealer" is selling purebred dogs to his mates, who can afford to spend that kind of money...

The only way IMO to ensure that these dogs end up in the right homes is to vet potential buyers with a fine tooth comb.  

As to what a Boerboel is worth - I paid £900 for Boet at a time when other people were asking £2000 because his breeders were honest, genuine people, who wanted the right home more than anything else.  He was a unique bloodline in the UK, is still the highest SABT appraised dog in the UK, made the SABT top 50 worldwide and was a cracking working dog.  I turned down £15000 for him and wouldn't have sold him for any amount of money. 

What I'm trying to say is that what you pay for a dog bears no relation to it's worth.  Good breeders will be honest enough to say that there's no way to know how a pup will turn out.  The best indication is the parents' achievements, a 'bloodline' is only as good as the dogs it produces.




That is just disgusting.

Is this pup dog friendly Lucinda? Would love to know more about him. My email is katsdesign@hotmail.co.uk if you want to chat privately.

He's doing well with dogs he knows at present but given that the average adult Boerboel male is not typically friendly with strange males, it would be unreasonable to expect this poor chap to be a good candidate for the dog park.

I'll drop you a line privately,




I think the prices for a puppy in Europe is between 1.000 euros (R 9855) and 1.500 euros (R=14783) BUT I saw them from a backyard breeder in Mallorca for 250 euro (R 2463).

Then you have the rediculious prices of shipping from Spain for example, pfff!

They are more expensive then the puppie self, rediculious!





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