I have only posted once on the site and got really good feedback. I changed Mausers food to adult food about two weeks ago and I can already see the difference. I decided to stay with Montego Classic.

Well lets put that aside and get to my next question. Mauser has got a small problem with his ears. They are not hanging next to his head but stand away from his head. I posted a pic of him and his granddad. His granddad scored 87% in his appraisel. My question is will he loose points for those ears? Is it possible for him to grow into his ears? He looks just like his granddad from all angles just smaller.

 PS: I am very proud of my boy. He chased his first intruder away yesterday. Like we say in Afrikaans. Goeie werk seun!!!



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Hi Willem.

Glad that you got your food situation sorted out and that it is working for Mauser.

Does he have rose ears? That could be the reason why it is standing up and if that is the case then yes he will loose some points but really not that much (well all depends at what organization you appraise)

I know that in some breeds like the Rottweilers the glue or tape the ears when they are puppies BUT I do not know how old or how to even do it. Maybe somebody can tell us more about that.
Excessive rose ears are a disqualification with some org's not sure if with all.

all pups ears "fly" when they start teething. glueing the ears works the best as tape doesnt hold too well. it really works. 

what you need is fabric glue, bostik sewsimple, its cheap and you can buy it at most hardware stores. 

you put a " blob" on the end of the dogs ear and a blob on the cheek bone, wait a few seconds and then glue the ear to the cheekbone. you will need to hold it in place for a few seconds to make sure it sticks. 

its harmless and should hold for a few days. 

you can do it at any age, i know of a rottie lady who also has australian shepherds who glues even her adults ears when they look a bit off. 

I wont go and tape his ears to make him look better. The poor thing. I wont like running around with taped ears so I will leave him. Thanks for the feedback though. Would be interesteing to hear more about the taped ears. What do you mean with rose ears? Did you look at the photos? I have no idea what rose ears is. maybe you can see something on the photo's.

Hi Willem,


My 4 month old Bitch "Terracehills Bloomer" out of Cherry Blossom Bella & Grasland GBT Bom-Boel has the same issue with her ears. I too was wondering if her ears will flop over as she grows? They will flop and stay forward for a while if you put them that way.. well untill she shakes her head!   :-) My profile pic shows how her ears are.. I think they are "Rose ears"???

Any advice would be appreciated. Again I wouldn't tape or glue her :-) we still think she is beautiful.

Yes I looked at the photos but it is hard to see from the photo.  Feel Mauser's ears if it is rose ears then it will be thick and hard.


I also will not glue or tape, it was just interesting to know about.  I wonder if that takes the rose  away or does it just "hide" them?

if you are wondering if it hurts or irritates the dogs, it doesn't. another way to rememdy " flying ears is to massage the cartilage. if im not mistaken i think rose ears is a genetic thing so dont think it takes it away but it corrects it. sort of like when a child has club feet, and they have an op to fix it. 

i personally think if you can remedy it then do it, but thats just me. 

Hi Willem,

First let me say not to worry about this lowering his score. The focus shouldn't be on highest scoring dogs as that is just someone's opinion of your dog. I really think the focus should be on health and temperament. I believe my female, Sweet Pea has the kind of ears you and Hayley are talking about. Someone also told me they are called rose ears. They were much worse when she was a puppy but they have improved now that she's 3 1/2. When she's alert and attentive, her ears look more normal. Plus I've gotten used to them by now! While they've improved with age, she definitely still has them!

This is Sweet Pea on the right with the weird ears (sorry the pics are enormous, I can't resize them): 

And here's another picture highlighting her bad ears:





Here she is looking more "normal"


Hi Kimberly I re sized them for you. If anybody want to view the photo's just select the photo and I will open up.
Yes mausers ears look like Sweet Pea's ears. I inspected his ears yesterday. I think his ears are a too short. His dad is Middelpos Khan and his mom is Bellbusk Deborah. Both of them has normal ears. His face is starting to develop towards his dads. His ears are identical to his grandpa. They do start looking better when the size of the scull increases. I THINK they will grow into them. Mauser is only 10 months now so if I understand everyone correct the boerboel grows till they are about 2,5 years. So I will keep posting pics for those that are interested.
zeph's ears are mostly flat like they are supposed to be but hers fly away sometimes as well. guess zeph is not perfect i just shake my head and grin as i think of sally fields and consider it just one of her quirks she looks alot like her mum. sorry no help here

Fixed!!!! Massaging Dallas' ears during the teething phase corrected her ears :-)



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